A unique opportunity to invest in small private businesses

DeltaPoint Capital Partners has designed and developed a transformative model for finding, making and managing investments in small companies.  Our approach provides investors with an opportunity to experience private equity returns at low cost with virtually no load placed on the capital until profits are received.

Get a look at the deals we see, when we see them

DeltaPoint Capital Partners has a proprietary reach into the deal market for small companies in the Northeast.  We often see good businesses before they hit the market or begin working with an owner even before he has decided to sell his company.

The advantages to you as an investor include:

  • A chance to diversify by investing in several different businesses within a 3-5 year period.
  • Select only the deals you want to invest in, rather than being locked into a “blind pool”.
  • Receive all the returns until your investment is fully paid back and before  any profits are shared with the manager.
  • Avoid traditional private equity closed-end fund problems, like manager distractions for new fundraising.

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact one of our Partners to discuss investing in the DeltaPoint strategy!