DeltaPoint Capital Partners is a private equity investor in small to medium size businesses that are in the process of changing ownership. As a business owner, our team gives you access to the knowledge, experience and capital you need to plan and successfully execute the sale of your small or medium size business.  

A “cake and eat it too” approach

DeltaPoint invests in the business, often alongside the owner, to provide the  expertise in transitioning the management of the business from the dependance on the current owner to an independent management team. There are many advantages of this approach, including: 

  • Allowing the current owner to take a significant portion of the value of their equity in cash up front while still participating in growing the business's value in the  future, and
  • Creating the means for an owner or family to insure their vision for the future of the business while reducing their financial risk.
  • Freeing the owner to pursue other interests, knowing his "baby" is in competent and caring hands. 


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