Doing the right things for your client

Whether you are an attorney, a CPA, a banker or a financial advisor, you are looking out for the best interests of your customers and clients.  When your client considers selling a business, often it is a once in a lifetime event for the owner.  As an advisor to your client, you want to make sure things are done right.

DeltaPoint Capital’s unique approach

DeltaPoint takes a unique approach when acquiring a business.  We recognize that this is your client’s “baby” ……. we listen to discover what is most important to the business owner as they consider selling what is probably their largest asset.  

We will work with you and the business owner to design a transaction that accomplishes whatever those objectives are.  

Some issues we commonly address include:

  • Resolving the owner’s dilemma of wanting to have time for other interests versus needing to be available to run the business.
  • Structuring the sale to provide for the owner’s tax considerations and timing.
  • Implementing a carefully planned transition of leadership for the business.
  • Offering the owner the full gamut of options from selling all his equity and exiting to continuing to work and share in the equity going forward.


Let's Meet

We’d welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss how DeltaPoint Capital Partners might be helpful to you and your client(s) to structure a deal that provides real solutions at a fair price.